Human-Centred Design and Social Innovation

Create innovative and purpose-led solutions that answer the real human needs, by involving people in all steps of the problem-solving process

What is it for?

Develop and implement in your organisation conditions and capabilities for innovation and impact

  • Have a clear picture of the ecosystem of your organisation
  • Create a collaborative vision, a strategy and a roadmap to guide your organisation
  • Orchestrate departments to work toward the same vision

Innovate your services

  • Gather insights on how your customers or beneficiaries are experiencing your services
  • Understand the entire ecosystem and how to create impact
  • Design services that will create value for all
  • Invest your Corporate Social Responsibility in community projects that are integrated with the value of your business

Innovate your business model

  • Find new and meaningful ways to deliver your services
  • Make your organisation economically sustainable (NGO)

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Human Centred Innovation

A new strategic program designed to put smallholder producers at the driving seat of their sustainability journey

Rainforest Alliance


Voluntary sustainability programs have very high standards, are perceived as expensive, and sometimes impossible to reach for smallholder farmers. Because of this, Rainforest Alliance wanted to increase its impact as an organization by engaging with a broader base of producers.

Together with the Innovation Team we developed a new strategic and inclusive program, designed around farmer’s need and with the goal to enable smallholder farmers to take ownership of their sustainability journey, improve their production and climate change resilience.

Based on 40+ qualitative interviews in the main region Rainforest operates, the core team met in Colombia to run a Design Sprint with smallholder coffee producers and kick off the development of the program.

After having prioritised the key assumptions, the team has worked to develop prototypes and test the business idea with both producers and market players.

How we can work together?

Share your challenge

During a 30 minute discovery (video) call we will discuss the project, business requirements, customer/beneficiaries needs and next steps.

I will design the right strategy to approach it

  • I will create a proposal that will include:
    • The project approach;
    • Timeline;
    • Key Commitments (workshops with key stakeholders, users, others);
    • Way of working;
    • Deliverables.

Agreement and kick-off

  • Once the proposal is accepted we can start the project straight away.

Marcos Romero – Head of Service Design, Design Studio Latinoamérica Sur at EY

“I worked together with Piera on the most challenging and rewarding project of my career.
It was so to a large extent thanks to her. The enthusiasm she displayed to propose a number of different approaches and ideas I had never explored, as well as her energy to carry them out were a constant and positive surprise.”