Human-Centred Innovation

Create innovative and purpose-led solutions that answer the real human needs, by involving people in all steps of the problem-solving process

What is it for?

Develop and implement in your organisation conditions and capabilities for innovation and impact

  • Have a clear picture of the ecosystem of your organisation
  • Create a collaborative vision, a strategy and a roadmap to guide your organisation
  • Orchestrate departments to work toward the same vision

Innovate your services

  • Gather insights on how your customers or beneficiaries are experiencing your services
  • Understand the entire ecosystem and how to create impact
  • Design services that will create value for all
  • Invest your Corporate Social Responsibility in community projects that are integrated with the value of your business

Innovate your business model

  • Find new and meaningful ways to deliver your services
  • Make your organisation economically sustainable (NGO)

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Human Centred Innovation 3

Guiding processes of transformation across departments to deliver a new digital experience

Philips Healthcare

Remotely across departments worldwide – 2020

Human Centred Innovation

A new Financial Advisory experience tailored on people’s dream


Argentina – 2018

How we can work together?

Share your challenge

During a 30 minute discovery (video) call we will discuss the project, business requirements, customer/beneficiaries needs and next steps.

I will design the right strategy to approach it

  • I will create a proposal that will include:
    • The project approach;
    • Timeline;
    • Key Commitments (workshops with key stakeholders, users, others);
    • Way of working;
    • Deliverables.

Agreement and kick-off

  • Once the proposal is accepted we can start the project straight away.

Marcos Romero – Head of Service Design, Design Studio Latinoamérica Sur at EY

“I worked together with Piera on the most challenging and rewarding project of my career.
It was so to a large extent thanks to her. The enthusiasm she displayed to propose a number of different approaches and ideas I had never explored, as well as her energy to carry them out were a constant and positive surprise.”