Graphic Facilitation & Visual Storytelling

Use Visual Storytelling to create innovative stories that inspire change

What is it for?

Visual Thinking for education

Educate on specific topic

  • Use visual storytelling to educate and expand your impact
  • Simplify and engage your audience through visuals
Visual Storytelling for Fundraising

For fundraising

  • Create powerful presentation to present your idea or your project to stakeholders for fundraising
  • Find new and innovative ways to tell your story in just some minutes
Visual Thinking for complexity

Communicate your idea visually

  • Simplify complex ideas and systems to make everyone understand them
  • Communicate your idea in a fun way with energy and personality

Visual Thinking for Business Model

Transform your physical space and communicate through your walls with a mural

  • Make your employees or your customer breath the essense of your organisation
  • Ideate and illustrate a shared vision to paint on your walls in co-creation with your community

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Visual Thinking for education

Illustration of children’s book to educate on sexual health issues as a response to COVID-19 pandemic

Tackle Africa
Remotely (The Netherlands – Côte d’Ivoire – Burkina Faso) – 2020

Visual Thinking for Business Model

A collaborative vision of the park, co-designed and painted with the citizens of Agoragri

Matera – 2020

Visual Thinking for complexity

Amsterdam Miro User Group – Graphic Recording


How we can work together?

Share your challenge

During a 30 minute discovery (video) call we will discuss the project, business requirements, customer/beneficiaries needs and next steps.

I will design the right strategy to approach it

  • I will create a proposal that will include:
    • The project approach;
    • Timeline;
    • Key Commitments (workshops with key stakeholders, users, others);
    • Way of working;
    • Deliverables.

Agreement and kick-off

  • Once the proposal is accepted we can start the project straight away.


Yianny Ioannou – Director of Operations at TackleAfrica

“As part of TackleAfrica’s COVID-19 response, Piera designed two editions of interactive colouring books for us to educate children on vital sexual health issues in the context of the pandemic. The books helped reach vulnerable young people during the lockdown and the following stages in Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso, raising their awareness on topics such as HIV and Female Genital Mutilation, and entertaining them with fun football challenges.Thank you for your wonderful work and creativity, Piera!”