Collaborative Workshop

Design Spaces for meaningful and constructive conversations, where all the voices are represented in the decision-making process, and co-creation and collaboration happen

What is it for?

Strategic Workshop

Design a common vision to move forward

  • Guide activities, programs and decision making through a shared north start among stakeholders
  • Create alignment inside of your team
  • Understand how to move forward toward a shared vision with a strategy and a roadmap of activities

Take difficult decisions and involve all the stakeholders in the decision-making process

  • Move your idea or project forward by creating awareness among stakeholders, engaging them in the decision-making process and sharing ownership
  • Make challenging decisions while taking into account the needs of all the stakeholders

Experiment with creativity and run ideation sessions to solve your challenges

  • Innovate your business model through new and meaningful ways to deliver your services
  • Involve your customers, beneficiaries or experts to ideate on new ways to deliver value
Strategic Workshop

Experiment with creativity and run ideation sessions to imagine a different world

  • Create spaces of reflection among stakeholders, experts, customers to envision new future scenarios

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Strategic Workshop

Amani Learning Day: Innovation in Online Delivery

Amani Institute

Remotely – 2020


An icebreaker to run effective participatory online workshops available in Miroverse, the Miro community

Miro – Miroverse Community


How we can work together?

Share your challenge

During a 30 minute discovery (video) call we will discuss the project, business requirements, customer/beneficiaries needs and next steps.

I will design the right strategy to approach it

  • I will create a proposal that will include:
    • The project approach;
    • Timeline;
    • Key Commitments (workshops with key stakeholders, users, others);
    • Way of working;
    • Deliverables.

Agreement and kick-off

  • Once the proposal is accepted we can start the project straight away.

Sander Kruitwagen – Bizops & Practice Lead Essense

“Piera is a very creative designer, who is always committed to making things better, not backing away from complex challenges, but bringing energy and enthusiasm to solve them. I’ve experienced many times how her visualisation skills in combination with a quick understanding of contexts are very valuable in creating shared understanding, both within project teams and amongst stakeholders. As such, a great person to have on your team, as service designer, researcher, facilitator or innovator.”